Sunday, January 31, 2010

made it through # 2

So we are snowed in - and Max is down for a nap - good time to fill everyone in on the last week!

Some of you know that i tried Acupuncture on the wednesday after treatment and i think that it really helped! Woo Hoo!!! it had helped me with other things before so i knew that it couldn't hurt, but i think that it helped with my nausea and over all achyness. so all in all i think that this one was easier than the last. i unfortunatley got a cold on top - so that was, and still is, NO FUN! and to top it off - Max got it - which then went into ear infections , which the meds is giving him a yucky tummy - fun fun at the brannons! he is still miserable poor baby, but atleast he is sleeping better - which makes it easier on all of us - especially Tad with getting up early.

Coop had a wonderful day with his buddy Natalie last Saturday. (I try to book something on treatment weekends for him to look forward to.) they went bowling and had a great time playing and was truly spoiled by the wonderful Morgan family!!!! we love you guys!

i want to thank everyone again for the food and errands that have helped us sooo much. Once again - we don't know what we would do without such a wonderful support system!

I had an oncology appt yesterday that went well. My Doc, Dr. Magdalinski ( who i think is one of the few people who roles his eyes more than i do) said "holy smokes" at how much the tumor has shrunk already! always good to hear. He is really happy with how i am so quicky responding. he is great - and has my sense of humor. I don't think that he gets many patients that he laughs with - but we have a grand old time! stupid cancer!!!!

I need to tell the oncology office that they need some new magazines as well! it must be a man who decides on them. It is a huge tower of Sports Illistrated OR Women's cancer mag!!! so men get to read about fun stuff - but i am stuck reading about my cancer - who wants that . i want to read about jen aniston and who she is dating this week - not Mastectomy options - Please! Just thought i would share the frustaration!

so anyway - stuck at home with the snow - (which is driving me nuts - i feel good now and want to get out.) One more good week before it all hits again - but then i am half the way through chemo - YEA!!!!!

Update soon -

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