Saturday, February 27, 2010

good news

well - due to being upset for the last couple week - i made appointments with my specialist at Penn ( who i haven't talked to since all of my tests were completed) and my primary care doctor - Dr. Kuhar- to get an unbiased opinion of what i need to do now and with surgery. Wow am i glad that i did! Dr. Fox at Penn told me that he could no longer feel the tumor in my lymph nodes - " it is gone!" which of course is great news since i still have 3 treatments left to kill any little stubborn cells. He said that i am responding better than they could hope for and they are hoping for me to be cured - so i am headed in the right direction - woo hoo! of course they all tell me that they have no crystal ball and that they can't rule out recurrence - BUT they are "blasting" me with the strongest chemo and they will watch me like a hawk for 3 years (after that chances of recurrence drops significantly) so that if i do have recurrence they catch it early. i , of course, will have worry in the back of my mind for a while - but we are thrilled that i am responding so well - and i need to just focus on that right now!
As far as surgery is concerned - we are not 100% sure until i have talked with everyone - but after Tad and i have talked about it - i will do whatever i need to do to reduce my chances of EVER dealing with this again - which could be rather extensive. i will keep you posted on details as we are closer to that time. right now it is looking like surgery following the end of chemo in early May.
So that is the update for now - i feel so much better about things - and will continue to kick this crappy cancer! I just cannot wait to have the chapter in my life done. On the other hand - Max is SOOOOO cute and i want to freeze him in time - so i guess i will enjoy the adorable and good with the bad!
On a fun note - i booked a beach house for the last week in June to celebrate the worst being over - i cannot wait to have a fun week with my girls - i will need it like i have never needed it before!
Love to all -
ps - sorry for the grammar - i do this when i have 5 minutes - doesn't happen to often!


  1. That's GREAT news, Sam!!! They should have known what a fighter you would be. And I'm LOVING the idea of you planning a trip to the beach with your girls, that's exactly what you need!

  2. Great to see you last night at rehearsal, Sam and Tad! I think the cast was grateful that you came, too! Julia said it was great to hear your voice commenting on the vocals. Julia's showing me what I did wrong so I can post this comment...