Thursday, April 8, 2010

one more down - one more to go!

Hi everybody -

we haven't updated in a while with Easter and the beautiful weather - we have been trying to stay busy with the boys! BUT - this last treatment wasn't so bad!!!! Every time i think that i know what to expect, i am wrong - but happy to be this time. It hit me right away - but by Saturday i actually could go to the egg hunt with coop, and had pretty good energy for Easter the next day - so we had a very nice Easter with Mommy not so yucky!

Yesterday, Tad and i had appts with the surgeon and the plastic Surgeon at Penn who will be doing my surgery in May. It will be a tough month of recovery - but the silver lining is: new "twins" and a tummy tuck - Not so bad! we feel very confident in both of them - and anything to reduce dealing with this crap again - is the right choice for us! They told me that i have a 30-40% chance of having breast cancer again - and the surgery will take me down to 3% - a no-brainer huh?! sooooo like i said - healing will be tough ( i can't lift Max for 6 weeks!!!) - but the outcome is worth it. I will be looking for daily help with the boys - so if any of you would like to be put down the "schedule" let me know. I would appreciate it - and it takes some of the pressure of my mom!

A lot of you know that the high school had Hello Dolly last weekend - and the kids and production staff did a great job - we were and are so happy for their success -- we sure know how hard the ALL worked! Congrats!!! I wanted to share what the kids did for us: Every show the students have, what they call, "spirit week" - where they dress up in some theme to advertise the upcoming show. Well, the kids decided to do Pink Breast Cancer days and went around all day with jars asking for donation. The kids raised enough money to bring our Livestrong donation to $1000! Tad and I are so touched that they thought to do this - and the teenagers actually gave!!! thanks to all of you - it means so much! We really missed doing the show this year - and wish all the seniors the best in their new chapter in life!

well - there is the update for now - i am feeling pretty good and will enjoy the next 2 weeks before the last treatment.


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  1. Sammy Whammy, I am so thrilled to see how well you are responding to treatment, how surrounded you are with loving and helpful and supportive people, and how great your attitude is! You are a hero!
    Janine and the gang at Theatre IV