Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All Done ( in a sing-like baby voice)

Hello everyone!!!
I have been meaning to update since my LAST TREATMENT (Woo Hoo) - but haven't had the moment to sit and think about what i want to say. But now i do! but first an update: the last one wasn't so bad - i was over the hump in less than a week, and it has been sooooo nice to know that i don't have to do it again! I sometimes forget, and then it dawns on me at weird times - like when i am drinking my coffee in the morning and remember that my tastes are going to stay and not get crazy again - LOVELY!!! I want to thank one of my best buds Becky for going to the last treatment with me ( tad was in Texas on business - so she went with me to keep me company) We had a grand old time chatting and we even watched "Mame" from back in high school days - who said you can't have fun having chemo!!! Ha HA!
to fill you all in on surgery - i am having a double mastectomy with reconstruction on may 21st ( everyone think "perky" thoughts - i need something out of this deal - right?) Tad's mom is coming up with our nephew to watch the boys - this way my mom will stay in Philly with her friend (i am having it done at Penn), and Tad can go back and forth visiting me and taking care of the boys. Thank you Pam and kathan - XO! I am not upset to be having it done - but am dreading the healing process. I cannot wait to feel good and have it behind me - they say it will take about 6 weeks -but we will get through it like we have been! following surgery, i will start radiation in July for about 5-6 weeks - but honestly that is nothing in comparison to everything else - so in my mind after the surgery - the worst is over - hip hip hooray!
I recently had a discussion with my mom - and i realized, as crazy as it sounds, a lot of great things have come out of this experience.(Besides my showers taking record breaking time and never having a "bad hair day") I have learned a lot about myself and others, like who is really there for you - and what "being there" means. i have had so many reach out from anything to wonderful, caring words to giving their time and energy to the betterment of our family. Sometimes it is surprising who reaches out. you think you know who truly cares about you - but when something like this happens in life -you really find out- and it means the world!
i have also realized true priorities in life - and again - not always what you would think. So many talk about a "bucket list" - but i have found that the big stuff is not the important stuff. To me it is little things like playing on the floor with Max and knowing that the dishes in the sink can wait. Like going to T-ball practise and having Cooper joyously wave to mommy and daddy while Max giggles at his big brother. Like dinner at my Moms on a Sunday and watching "funniest home videos" as Cooper is falling over himself laughing. Like laughing at my husband's funny comments in the car til there are tears streaming down my cheeks and my smile hurts. Like pizza with friends while kids play. And there are so many other times that you don't realize are amazing until you can't do them. i love my life and the people in it- and feel so fortunate to enjoy every day. And no cancer can take those times away!!!

I will update again after surgery-
love to all

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