Sunday, June 6, 2010

tough week

hi all-

So some of you have known that last week was pretty tough. Tad got the stomach flu -(badly) - so both of us were out of commission! Tad was quarantined to the guest room in the basement ( so the kids and i wouldn't get it). Poor guy!!! in our 11 years together - i have never seen him so sick! Great timing! Honestly though, i think the stress and exhaustion caught up to him, and his body couldn't take anymore.
My amazing mom stayed a couple of nights with us due to needing round the clock help! Love you Mom - we don't know what we would do without you! Also thank you to Sara (who went above and beyond by taking me to Penn), Debbie (the cutest house cleaner ever!), Tootie, Peg, Becky E, Shanan & Mary Kate - they really got us through! We were also brought some beautiful meals that really helped out - thanks Jeanne, Kim, Karen and Patty! A Huge thanks to my cleaning lady - Alda - our house sparkles! And to all those who sent gorgeous flowers - it makes me happy to have so much beauty and color!

Today - Tad is feeling better and will be returning to work tomorrow, and i am getting better everyday. My grouchiness comes and goes - which is good - i am getting feisty - a good, yet annoying, sign. This sitting around is getting on my nerves - but like i said, that means i am starting to feel like myself - ha ha!

SO hopefully this week will be better and run smoother (can't really get any tougher). I got 4 of my 5 drains out last week and the last one comes out on Wednesday. I will also get the pathology reports from the surgeons that day - so everyone think healthy thoughts. i will update again next week-

thanks and love,

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  1. Congratulations, brave woman! I'm thrilled to read how well everything has gone, and I'm so proud of you. Sounds like you have a wonderful network of family and friends up there in PA. Don't forget, your Theatre IV family is still here, rooting for you 100%!
    Lots of love!