Sunday, May 30, 2010

doing well

Hi everyone! thanks to all of you for your well wishes, flowers, food, and of course love and support. I am doing better every day - I'm walking by myself & even physically able to laugh - woo hoo! that was a tough one for me! i get my drains out (hopefully all of them) on Tuesday - which i am counting down - i really hate them! But for being only a little over a week after surgery - i think i am doing great!

Tad is being wonderful - taking care of all of us. Max has a cold - but is still adorable even with his runny nose. Coop is obsessing over Star Wars Halloween costumes - so pretty much everything (but Mommy) is back to normal.

Not much else to report - but I wanted to let you all know that i am healing well - and will be back to normal soon.



  1. I'm so glad your surgery went well. I hope your recovery continues to be speedy and complete. (Chris had hernia surgery last year, and can empathize with the not-being-able-to-laugh part!)


  2. Wow-- Great news about the drains! Can't wait to see you!