Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1 down!

Hey everyone - this is Sam signing in at what is now 5am! I've been awake since about 2am due to the steroids they give you to help with side-effects. I don't have 2 little ones hanging on me - so a good time to fill you in on yesterday. I had my first round of chemo - which strangely enough was rather relaxing and enjoyable! It is a very cheery environment - and ALL of our doctors and nurses have had great personalites and humor - a huge bonus to us! At first it is what i hate and i guess have to get used to - the dreaded pity look. I was new and young - everyone having their treatment was eying us up - but we got over it with some laughter and a little Ellen on TV. the first one took about 5-6 hours - but again - kinda nice to HAVE to just sit there - i am usually not so good at that! I have so many medications to help with ugly side effects -that i hope that all i will feel in the next days is tired - fingers crossed - but i Will get through whatever. Cooper thinks it is hilarious that i will have "no hair like Daddy" i think he thought i was coming home that way yesterday - you never know with kids - you think things will scare them and they just surprise you! That makes it easier on us though- i worried in the beginning how he would take all of this - but i feel he is as prepared as he could be. i Was sick for months with Max - so he is somewhat used to it - silver lining?

So i don't have the flair with words that Tad does - but a lot of you have been emailing and calling - so i thought this gets to everyone!

thanks for your love and well wishes - it means the world to all of us. Tad and i feel so privileged to have such a wonderful support team around us.

Hopefully the next update will be how fabulously grateful we are that i feel great!!! A girl can dream!


  1. Glad things went well for this first trip! And for the record, I think you could pull of the no hair thing just fine. =)

  2. Hi Sam and Tad! The Jacksons shared your blog with us and I'm so glad they did. Please know that we've been praying for you since we heard of you situation. You attitude is so positive and I'm even a little envious of your 5-6 hours of sitting "alone" time :) We miss seeing you guys and hope to once things slow down a little for you.
    Love you guys!
    Monica (and the rest of the Mangin Clan)

  3. HI Sam and Tad! You both have been on our minds CONSTANTLY (basically non-stop). Patrick and I love you so very much and know that you WILL get through this. I am so inspried by your postings and I know that others will be too. Your circle of loved ones is far-reaching. We hope that you are always feeling our support. I hope to talk to you soon. Love always, Caroline and Pat