Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hello all -

So some of you have been emailing me wondering details of my diagnosis. I guess you found out about the blog first - and we never put that "stuff" in! So here it is:
One night in October i was pumping (max was about 4 months) and i felt a lump in my armpit. I came down and showed Tad and both of us agreed that it was probably an infected milk duct or at least something to do with breastfeeding - so we didn't panic. I had an OBGYN appointment a couple of weeks later - and they said to be on the "safe side" let's get an ultrasound - still not worried. Well one test lead to another and another until we knew that the lymph node had cancer - but we didn't know where it originated - this was the toughest to go through - the not knowing. When we found out that it was breast cancer - and only on the left side - we were relieved and thankful! We laughed on the way home that the tech helping us was shocked at our pleased and upbeat reaction to hearing the news. I guess they don't get that very often - he he! After all is said and done - I am stage IIB. I am undergoing chemo first - (6 rounds every 3 weeks), then surgery, followed by radiation. This is completely beatable - just stinks to go through - but i am glad that I am going through this in 2010! They have made huge strides and i feel so lucky to benefit from them! I also have 2 beautiful and spirited little boys - so life is good! I am hoping that the worst will be over by my 35th birthday in September - what a party - right!!! To all women: I have no family history - make sure that you have regular screening - fight for it! The earlier you catch it the better. I still cannot feel the lump in my breast - I would have never found it if it didn't spread to the node - that saved my life!

So there it is! Tad and I will keep you all posted on the following weeks of fun!


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